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Stacy and Her Idiot

by Peter Atkins

  1. You know, soon as the fat guy mentioned his contact in the 18th Street gang, I should’ve just walked away. Wasn’t that I gave a shit who he knew or didn’t. It was the naked and stupid pride… Continue Reading →

The Man Who Didn’t Believe in Luck

by Preston Lerner

King Randall was a professional gambler who never played hunches or bet on horses with appealing names. He didn’t even read fortune cookies. “No such thing as luck,” he was fond of saying. “There’s the here, and there’s the now,… Continue Reading →

The Choice

by Michael Kellichner

“There is another way,” Siyamak said. On the other side of the single, burning candle, Lomi drew a dagger across a whetstone. Siyamak wanted to look away, but in the flame there were shimmering, incorporeal names. They danced in time… Continue Reading →

Got To Kill Them All

by Dennis Etchison

The sky was getting darker all the time. I set the red can under the glove box and drove away from the pumps, steering with one hand so I could gulp down some coffee. Then I hit the brakes before… Continue Reading →

From the Editors’ Desk

by the Editors' Desk

Readers:  There’s an autumnal chill in the air that will hopefully migrate to your blood stream as you devour Issue #3 of Trigger Warning (in Mistletoe green). On behalf of Thanksgiving, you’re encouraged to gorge on TURKEY SHOOT and as a… Continue Reading →

The Sisyphus Effect

by Rick Suvalle

Marcus Faber lived an average life. He was average height, average build and had average looks. He was married to a very lovely woman named Sara whom he made love to on an average of one point two-five times a… Continue Reading →

Turkey Shoot

by Tom Lavagnino

Hey, Teddy. It’s Roger. Roger Ward. You there? If you’re there, pick up. If you’re not there–good. I’m really hoping you’re out of town, way out of town, at your parents’, whatever, having a nice Thanksgiving. I’m really praying you’re not home, screening your… Continue Reading →

The Trench

by Frank Cable

Our war was the Cold War. In retrospect it seems quaint and gentlemanly, like stories of WWI fighter pilots saluting their victorious adversaries as their bullet-riddled biplanes went down in flames. I was stationed on a nuclear submarine, the SSBN… Continue Reading →

Climatologist, Heal Thyself

by Trevor James Zaple

Theodore managed to get the heavy door to the bunker shut, despite the weight, the force of the wind outside, and the sharp throbbing in his lower left side. Even once the steel door had clicked shut with a low,… Continue Reading →

A Little Matter

by Jack Soren

The trio’s lab coats billowed out behind them as they rushed down the cold, white university corridor; the two men argued with each other over top of their younger female colleague. It was an old argument, but Jenkins, the taller… Continue Reading →

From the Editors’ Desk

by The Editors

We’re quivering with excitement as we offer up Issue #2 of Trigger Warning. This time our palette is autumnal gold (unofficial Pantone color: pumpkin spice latte’). In honor of Halloween, we’re breaking protocol (already!) and offering an all-horror issue (so… Continue Reading →

A Hiccup. A Remedy

by Joe Moe

Travis stood, arms folded, surveying the deck of the ship like a surfer looking out to sea for a perfect set of waves, the meaning of life, a tax loophole, dinner options. Blue sky stacked with clouds served as a… Continue Reading →

Hiding the Body

by Tom Lavagnino

“If I killed somebody, I’d hide the body right … there.” We all looked out the window, at where Jeremy was pointing–a big mess of buttonwood trees sticking up out of the swamp, right next to the highway. “Too close to… Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams

by Preston lerner

He awoke with perspiration covering his naked body. He opened his eyes and saw the sun glaring down at him. A rivulet of sweat burst through the dam created by his eyebrow and emptied into the corner of his eyes…. Continue Reading →

The Trip to the Wood

by Judith Lewis Mernit

If Eleanor had known what was to happen later that evening, she would have behaved better earlier, up on the mountain road. It was always that way between David and her, a constant dance, a tension between trust and fear,… Continue Reading →

The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

by Edgar Allan Poe

Of course I shall not pretend to consider it any matter for wonder, that the extraordinary case of M. Valdemar has excited discussion. It would have been a miracle had it not—especially under the circumstances. Through the desire of all parties… Continue Reading →


by Umbrello

It was well past midnight as I drove home from my new job. The pay wasn’t so good, and it was far from home, but I really had no choice considering I was behind on rent. Exhausted from working a… Continue Reading →

Children of the New Moon

by Tom Lavagnino


Cause and Effect

by Eric Lindbom

Heart trap was a nice way of saying it. Sure, there were no jagged teeth biting into spindly legs. Nor was there a spring loaded bar that snaps tiny necks like carrot sticks.

From the Editor’s Desk

by the Editor's Desk

Welcome readers and writers to Trigger Warning, an online short story site, created in the spirit of the pulpy, digest-sized magazines of the 70s and 80s: Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and Analog Science Fiction & Fact… Continue Reading →

A Literary Horror Story

by Preston Lerner

In the beginning, it was supposed to be a straightforward alien-encounter story – no literary flourishes, no profound philosophical content, nothing more than a plain Jane, everything-accessible-at-first-read, man-meets-extraterrestrial being story running no less than 4,000 words and no more than… Continue Reading →

Hell’s a Cabin

by Joe Moe

“Get away from me!” Cam swung the rickety door open, hard! The loose screen billowed, sifting dust, as he scrambled past, onto the porch. The door bounced shut with a clunk.

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