Trigger Warning Short Fiction with Pictures (#TWSF) is an online literature site in the spirit of the pulpy, digest-sized magazines of the ’70s and ’80s: Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazineand Analog Science Fiction & Fact (formerly Astounding Science Fiction)  — monthly collections of short stories with spot illustrations printed on the cheapest newsprint available. But maybe a little more R-rated.  

Each Trigger Warning story will feature an original illustration. Our illustrations attempt to evoke old school, limited two-color magazine printing (black + one color).

Your submissions are welcome!  While the editors are far from well-heeled, they believe in the now-radical concept that writers should be paid for their words.  Each writer will receive a small payment for the right to post their story. Trigger Warning retains no other rights. All illustrations are ©John Skewes. Writers will receive a signed print of the illustration along with their stipend.

We think of this as a lowbrow literary journal, not a blog, and try to use analog language throughout. Our genres are science fiction, fantasy (more Pan’s Labyrinth than Lord of the Rings), horror and noir, under 5000 words. The most concise summary of our genres is, anything that would work on The Twilight Zone works for us.