We’re quivering with excitement as we offer up Issue #2 of Trigger Warning. This time our palette is autumnal gold (unofficial Pantone color: pumpkin spice latte’).

In honor of Halloween, we’re breaking protocol (already!) and offering an all-horror issue (so ye noir and sci-fi/fantasy fans must wait until November to feast on our full-genre buffet).

We plumbed the public domain vaults to exhume a classic story from genre legend Edgar Allan Poe.

We’re also stoked to welcome award-winning journalist Judith Lewis Mernit to the fold with an original story as well as a piece from he who goes by the mystery moniker Umbrello! You’ll also find new material from (returning Jeopardy! champs) Tom Lavagnino, Joe Moe and Preston Lerner who graced Issue #1 (which eagerly awaits your click).

That said, we can’t lean too heavily on our repertory writer bench. Your story submissions remain eagerly sought so please submit your (5,000 words or less) tome in Word vs. PDF format.

Our only editorial suggestion right now is let your story breathe and don’t choke it with mixed metaphors and adjective overload. Know it’s tempting to strut your literary stuff but we’re just looking for tales well told.

If you like the site, please share the link with friends and fiends. And look for Issue #3 in a month’s time with a special “Tales from the Trypt-ophan” turkey-centric terror yarn, a sci-fi déjà vu nightmare and much more.

Ye Trusty Editors