Readers:  There’s an autumnal chill in the air that will hopefully migrate to your blood stream as you devour Issue #3 of Trigger Warning (in Mistletoe green).
On behalf of Thanksgiving, you’re encouraged to gorge on TURKEY SHOOT and as a palette cleanser, check out the grim, sci/fi gore humor of A LITTLE MATTER.  If you’re home for the holidays and going stir crazy, take a journey to an Antarctic outpost in CLIMATOLOGIST, HEAL THYSELF, several thousand leagues under the sea in a nuclear submarine in THE TRENCH and to the near future in THE SISYPHUS EFFECT.
We are still stoked to see your story submissions, so please submit your (5,000 words or less) tome in Word vs. PDF format.  To those who’ve already sent material, many thanks.  We are working our way through your words at a (choose your descriptor) methodical or procrastinating pace.
It’s hibernation time for us and we’re shuttering until January (and leaving December to Santa and STAR WARS).  However, we’re roaring back with a major announcement in issue #4: a legendary writer of psychological horror (who’s still very much above ground) is allowing us to illustrate and run several of his stories.   Look for more on this big deal news come 2016.
Until then, stay safe and (of) sound (mind)!
Ye Trusty Editors!