Readers: Coming at you with issue #4 of with some major news.  We are proud, humbled and tickled red to include THE DETAILER and YOU GOT TO KILL THEM ALL, two previously published nail biters from legendary psychological horror writer Dennis Etchison.  The literary pride of Stockton, Cali, Stephen King has dubbed him “one hell of a fiction writer” and “the most original living horror writer in America” (The Viking-Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural).  You’re urged to snag one of his many superbly unsettling collections including the new Fine Cuts: The Dark Side of the Silver Screen (from Borderlands Press).  (LA readers:  C’mon by for an event we’re throwing for the estimable and highly quotable Etchison on Jan. 23rd at 2 p.m. at Mystery & Imagination And Bookfellows Bookshop in Glendale).  Issue #4 also features STACY AND HER IDIOT, a ballsy, thrill ride thriller from screenwriter/multi-published horror novelist and cheeky bloke Pete Atkins.  Yet, lest you think we’re now too big for our Lederhosens (and only running writers we can name drop), we’re still seeking out original material.  We welcome back Preston Lerner, a now three-time Trigger Warning contributor with THE MAN WHO DIDN’T BELIEVE IN LUCK and our first, full-on sword and sorcery saga THE CHOICE by new blood Michael Kellichner.  Send on your weird words as well;  submit your (5,000 words or less) tome in Word vs. PDF format (with our usual disclaimer that it often takes us months to read ‘em but we sho nuff do!).
Ye Trusty Editors.