With giddy goose bumps, we proudly conclude the all-horror Halloween issue of TriggerWarningShortFiction.com with our most visually ambitious offering ever.   Co-editor John Skewes, who illustrates each story on the site, has gone all out with a pictorial spooktacular salute to Edgar Allen Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death.”  Equally inspired by Poe’s story, and the blood red pallor of director Roger Corman’s movie adaptation (starring Vincent Price as the debauched Prince Prospero), he’s honored the Poe classic with a mini-graphic novel treatment.  Skewes  breaks free from the trusty one-color (per issue) Trigger Warning style guide with 13 eerie illustrations in a rainbow of hues.  Scroll on down in wonder.  And let us know your thoughts and nightmares in the comment section beneath any story that grabs/worries/gives you night sweats. Pleasant screams!