Hey writers!

TriggerWarningShortFiction.com wants to see your short stories in the horror, sci-fi, fantasy and crime fiction genres for possible posting on our site.

We run narrative short stories not poetry, plays, essays or screen treatments. That said, if your story is part of a larger work (a novel, etc.) that doesn’t preclude us including it as long as the tale stands on its own without requiring the reader read a longer piece to understand it.

We’ll gladly run previously published material and you, the writer, of course own all rights. As you’ll see from the site, each story includes an eye popping conceptual illustration by John Skewes, a prolific, award-winning children’s book writer (check out the Larry Gets Lost series on Sasquatch Books).  John, and our other co-editor JT Sharp, believe writers should be paid for their work (a sadly radical concept these days). So, each published piece comes with a small stipend ($75) as well as a copy of John’s illustration from the story (each snail mailed the writer’s way).

The Rules:
Keep all submissions under 5,000 words. Also, we don’t run flash fiction so don’t go super short on us.
Email them to elindbom@sbcglobal.net.
Send the stories as a Word attachment (no PDFs please).
Include at the top of the story (right in your story not separately) your address including zip, and your email address.

Some Tips:
· Take Your Time: We turn down much more material than we use so put some thought into your piece. As the posted stories hopefully demonstrate, the caliber of work is high.
· Don’t Overwrite: Frequently we receive pieces that contain clever wordsmithing not necessarily in the service of the narrative. We choose material based on the strength of the piece vs. just the evident adjective-slinging ability of the scribe. Let the needs of the story dictate your approach.
· Tone: While many of the pieces have a dark bent, we run humorous and warm pieces but not parodies (but a satiric slant is fine if the story stands on its own as more than a put on).
· Write in Your Own Voice: We’re not looking for stories that try to ape the style of a horror master (we get our fair share of stories clearly written in the thrall of H.P. Lovecraft).
· If the Story is Almost There – We may ask you to make some edits or rethink some aspects if you choose to do so. We’re not trying to inflict our own style on writers but are just working to bring clarity to the story.
· Be Patient: We’re holding down jobs, etc. so it takes us awhile to read the stories.

If your story is accepted, we’ll ask you to provide a short writer’s bio to run at the bottom of your tale. We’re happy to mention any additional work you’ve published as well as links to a website/blog etc. if you have one so readers can sample your other work. Cross promotion is fine with us!

Lastly, we love hearing from writers and especially readers! Definitely, email over any comments. Presently, the site generates no revenue but we’re open to related ideas (as well as ways we can increase our readership).
Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Write on!

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